Aum Cafe is committed to providing the best food and drink experience in your own home. Order online here at Aum Cafe.

Established in 2019, AUM Cafe and Restaurant in Edmonton is our inspiration and challenge simultaneously to prove that we have gained experience and can deliver better to you. Coming from over 20 years of experience across the UK and India, our concept strives to include friendly service and a great ambiance.

Enjoy all time chef specials like our Butter Chicken and sumptuous selection of sandwiches like Mango Chicken, Philly Beef, and a serving of our homemade fresh soup. Also, savor our Mango Lassi, Turmeric Latte and more espresso coffee based drinks. We have organic tea selections and homemade, gluten, vegan cakes all affordable.

$5 off a Minimum Order of $20

We also Reward our Customers by Giving 50% Every 10th Order!*

*Based on The Average of Your Previous Orders.

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